Sunday, November 9, 2008

As a Mormon, I believe in equality for EVERYONE.

As a converted Mormon, I am deeply ashamed...ASHAMED! of my fellow brothers and sisters that fought to pass this measure in California (Prop 8). One of the express reasons I converted to being LDS back in 1993 was because of the message that God, and his son Jesus, loved us all...that we were ALL children of God, that there was no hell, and that He loves us UNCONDITIONALLY.
If I had known then, that the church would use MY religion and lure fellow brothers and sisters into misleading the American voters who are non-LDS in California, I would not have converted!!!
One of the MAIN reasons that I chose LDS as my religion was that I could not believe in a God that couldn't believe in me, nor one that would discriminate against other human beings!
I, personally, would like to take this time to let any gay, lesbian, transgendered HUMAN BEING to know that as a Mormon, I believe in equality for EVERYONE.


-Theresa Petersdorf

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