Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm apologizing because of my own belief that God loves everyone and I should too.

I do not live in CA and probably never will but the events of the past few weeks coming out of CA have greatly affected me. Oh, I wish the Church hadn't called on its members to use their means and time to support this proposition. I am truly sorry it did.

I am not gay, have no gay relatives, and have only a few gay acquaintances. I'm apologizing because of my own belief that God loves everyone and I should too. Civil unions are fine with me but so is marriage, if that is what people feel strongly about. Gay marriage will not hurt my marriage. I hope that CA courts begin work on this quickly and overturn the "will of the people."

I will continue to be a practicing, card-carrying Mormon but the last few weeks have been difficult. Writing my apology has been almost therapeutic for me, allowing a venue for my thoughts to be expressed (other than my poor wife). To all those who are gay and who happen across this blog: Hopefully the future brings us together through compromise, mutual respect, and education. Until then, I'm sorry.


  1. So so sorry, as a LDS women my heart aches for this injustice. I was raised in California we prided ourselves on not being like the "Utah Mormons" We had many friends of different beliefs and religions.

    My father a police officer told me off witnessing a beating of a black many years ago when he was a child. He stressed to me the importance of not judging, of treating others fairly and of tempering our indignities so that others may benefit from our love and friendship.

    I am proud to say that my fathers lessons were taken to heart. I have numerous friends who are homosexual. These good people are in my home, around my children and very much in my social circle.

    One of these gentlemen in particular is very close to my heart. He is like a brother to me. The work that he performs in our community with the elderly is nothing short of miraculous. He has a life partner and he is loving and faithful and always striving to make their life better.

    I believe that if the heterosexual population had to fight has hard as these good people do to have a life and relationship, that maybe we would find fewer divorces and broken homes.

    May God bless and keep you. This is not in vain.

  2. Thank you for your amazing words. I am a gay man and I don't live in California. But as you know, everyone's been torn apart by this. I admire you for being able to keep your faith in God and still write a post like this. All of you are amazing. God bless.