Saturday, November 15, 2008

You have the right to love, you have the right to marry.

It was not anyone else's to take away from you.

A great injustice has been committed, I am aghast that it was done by a church in the name of Jesus. So many injustices done in that name. When will people learn what Jesus really stood for?

I am sorry for what this church, other churches, and the rest did. I am so deeply sorry. It was wrong and I wish I could personally do something to change it. Tyranny of the majority. I hope it doesn't make you feel like society as a whole is against you, though I can understand that feeling given this treatment of you. I for one see you as a complete equal. No different. You should have all the same rights and privileges that anyone has.

I mean honestly I feel stupid even saying that. What right do I have to tell you that you have the right to love. You just do. You always have. That is what it means to be a human being. You are no different than me. I am no different than you. We all have the right to love and marry as we choose.

I hate that the church did this. That's the only hate I feel. I am sorry.


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