Sunday, November 9, 2008

To whom it may concern:

I am deeply saddened by the Church's decision to fight to strip rights away from our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters in California and elsewhere. I recognize that this type of discrimination now supported by the church is reminiscent of the discrimination that we saints once experienced because of our unique religious beliefs and practices. I also recognize how quickly the tide can turn, making us once again the persecuted, as opposed to the persecutors.

I beg for the forgiveness of our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters and others who are rightly outraged by the church's involvement in this measure. I hope that you can realize that while we may be the minority, there were those of us within the church who openly opposed this measure and foresaw the backlash that is now justly directed towards the church and its members who supported this.

I hope that we can one day find a way to heal these wounds. I pledge my support to ensure that the healing happens.

With Sincerest Apologies,
Joel H., North Carolina

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  1. Dear Joel,
    I am a California lesbian who has been deeply hurt and angered by the passing of prop 8. I've been looking for ways to move past the anger and resentment that I feel for the churches role in this (not just the Mormon church, but all churches that took part in promoting discrimination). This blog, and the letters it contain, are closing those gaping wounds in my heart. I thank you so much for your words, your pledge and your support. A sincere apology means so much at this time. May God bless us all and continue to enlighten hearts and minds.
    With Gratitude and Respect,
    CA lesbian