Monday, November 10, 2008

Many Mormons weep with you tonight because another law that discriminates is in another Constitution

In light of the comments I have seen posted on the message boards in the past couple of hours and the offensive and hurtful commercial directed at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its members, I would just like to make a few comments, and hopefully extend an olive branch of Christ like love and tolerance.
I know that you are all frustrated, and angry, and I can understand why the church is any easy target. As a member of the Church in good standing, I am sorry that all of the negativity and mean spiritedness had to take place. I have a roommate from California/and several gay friends, and have seen first hand the emotion of this issue. I will not apologize for the Church's statement on marriage (which is their legal right, and a position I and most Latter-day Saints who opposed Prop 8 would agree with *that marriage is between a man and a woman, not that secular state marriage should be regulated*). I am sorry that throughout this whole campaign you saw some of the ugliest members of our church. Understand that most of them have live in Utah for most of their lives, have strong LDS families, and do not truly understand what would happen if the measure failed.
Please understand that most members of the LDS Church (Regardless of their support for same-sex marriage) are good people. They really are. Please know that a vast majority of them do love you and wish you nothing but happiness (I know it sounds odd) for you and your family. They respect your opinions and beliefs, and ask the same from you.
Please know that the men who lead this Church are great, kind, and honorable men. I know you might now cringe when you hear the name Thomas S. Monson, but please know he is a good, caring loving man. He is a prophet of God, and that he loves each and every single one of you, even if you right now hate him with all your guts. I know that some of you have extremely low opinions of the LDS Church right now, and that they may never change.
I ask you that your hearts will soften. I pray that you will try (as hard as that might sound) to put this campaign behind us, and look at the great thing all churches do.
If you see missionaries on the street or on you front door, be kind to them, for they love you, and want to serve you (No matter you or what you are). If you have anger, express it at the guy who judges everyone from his mother basement in Orem Utah behind a computer, not at fine young men and women, who have sacrificed so much for a cause they see just.
With all that said, many Mormons, Catholics, Baptists and others of faith weep with you tonight, not because they are Christians, but because they are Americans. They weep another law that discriminates is in another Constitution, a Constitution which is designed to protect the freedoms, rights, and liberties of its citizens.
I pray for all of the LGBT couple in California tonight, as well as those who are happy about the results that they will be able to find a median between faith and government.
However, this issue will come up again, and I ask that you take comfort in Mayor Newsem's promise "its [gay marriage] is going to happen whether you like it or not." It will, it will just be a bit longer.
But till the time comes when we are divided again, let us unite in common goals and ideas. Let us work together in eliminating evils that we can all agree on; abuse, poverty, and so many more. As I have said before, please know you are loved by your enemies, and I hope that you will please follow the ideas of love, tolerance, and understanding that you have promoted throughout this campaign to those who destroyed it.
With Love and Hope for my Church and for Our Republic,
Scott McNeil


  1. Dear Scott,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. As a former member of the church, due primarily to my sexuality and my loss of faith in the church leadership to properly represent God's Love, I too hope to see change.
    I hope and pray that the members of the LDS church who feel that the church should not interfear with secular marriage and promote the hatred, fear and inequality that is happening, will extend the olive branch by banding together and showing their displeasure to the people who CAN make change, which is the fearful leadership of the church. Because as much as the LDS stance on Prop 8 hurts homosexuals, its effect on the eternal progression of the souls of the brothers and sisters of the LDS church is far worse. :(

    God Bless.

  2. When the church realizes that it is Gods plan to test church members for compassion, then they will know that God could care less about this physical suit we wear for a very short period of time.

    God is both Male and Female,
    He is all things and everything. Would we deny him Marriage?

    I think not.