Monday, November 10, 2008

Dear G&L Community,

I've been deeply saddened by the involvement of my church in the backing of Proposition 8. I've been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints my whole life and this is the first time I have experienced such a cross over between religion and politics. I was taught and believed that politics were up to the voter. However, in this case, the church’s leaders have encouraged their members to vote against your civil rights, and has in turn, created much sadness, anger, and resentment among many of you reaching far beyond the borders of California.

I personally see no logic in the propaganda that states that my marriage is being protected by denying you yours. I see no Christian values in humiliating a group of people by taking away the right to choose whom they will marry. I see no compassion in denying loving partners the right to commit to one another for a lifetime.

I'd like to say sorry to the G&L community for the pain and sorrow you have experienced because of this. I'm sorry that the details of your personal lives are dictated by beliefs and/or misconceptions of those around you. I would like to apologize for Christians the world over who teach "love thy neighbor" but boldly add "and tell them how you think they should live."

I'm sorry, again.
Jen Holmes


  1. Jen,

    Thank you!! this means alot!! this is exactly the Christ like Love Our savior expressed during his ministry! He was gentle and loving in his ways with those he interacted with who did not keep his fathers commandments! Our Heavenly Father chose our saviors Plan Over Lucifer's plan because Lucifer wanted the Glory for himself and Force mankind to live the law against their will. withdraw their rights to choose!

    Our Loving Father knew this was not the form of love, but greed!! we have a wonderful creator who will work everything out.

    it is so easy for us to " love thy neighbor " when they do what we say or believe" but when we can love them when they don't. that is the TRUE form of love expressed, knowing one can love that person unconditionally. BRAVO!!

    He came to help each and every one of us because he loves you and he loves me!! I am a Gay Mormon! and pray and hope someday the Lord will fix everything!! I know he will. I have faith he will!

    David Gregory

    My heart is soft!! Thank You!

  2. David, I'm praying for you. I am LDS (straight) and can only imagine how hard it has been for you as a gay member these last few weeks...or your entire life. God loves you and so do I.